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The Globalization Curve Step 2: First Movers Advantage

Episode Three

In 75% of cases the first to call will get the deal…

But first movers’ advantage is not simply about calling the prospect first. It’s about giving yourself and your product every possible advantage to convert an enterprise level tech sale in Europe.

When a series B funded tech firm enters Europe having taken step one and created conversational advocacy and interest in their product the hard work of converting an enterprise level client begins.

We spoke to Lukas Reeves, CEO and Co-Founder of ML Academy about the issues faced by series B funded tech firms as they enter Europe and how ML Academy can support the transition.

Series B - Living in a material world

Episode Two

Post-series B funding – you’re not really a start-up anymore.

The product iteration company building and brand developing awesomeness all stop and the real race begins.

In Series A they were crazy for you. In series B, you’re living in a material world.

We spoke to ML Academy CEO and Co-Founder, Lukas Reeves about why is it that so many series B funded companies fail and how do you get it right from the start.

Series B - Living in a material world

Episode One

In this episode, we speak to ML Academy CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Wenn, about the first steps of the globalization curve and what firms can expect when they first land in the European market.