MLA is a UK based ‘sales as a service’ school and solution for enterprise software sales and service.


Coralogix sells software as a service data observability platform. MLA is our Coralogix boots on the ground for the UK market. At a high level, they provide outbound lead gen and account management. At a deeper level, they provide additional value to myself and my team as an integral part of our sales management team.

We are now approaching our third quarter together and MLA have done a tremendous job building a high-quality pipeline and working with our Coralogix account and technical team to drive technology validation proof of value engagements.

We expect to close multiple opportunities in the next 30 days and have visibility to more this fiscal year.

MLA are a true go-to-market service. Their deep knowledge of sales process and marketing strategy coupled with strong UK commercial market relationships has made this partnership a success.

Although they are an outsourced service, I feel very comfortable the MLA team among our sales leaders and value their input and added value to our entire go-to-market strategy.

To be honest, in my 20+ years as a go-to-market leader, I have seen the vast majority of outsourced sales functions fail.

The MLA team has solved the issue of how to quickly learn the value of the software org they are representing and enabling fast, transparent, and repeatable revenue growth.



CWL started working with Mike, MLA Co-founder, about 12 years ago during his time at Mimecast, he was one of the vendors we worked with.

Over the years, we have seen Mike’s work ethic, natural leadership, and mentoring skills from Mimecast, then onto Splunk, and now at MLA.

MLA currently heads up our Business development efforts on a contract basis.

We have seen some outstanding results from MLA in the last six months and have committed to double our investment in the MLA BDR effort, Mike is clearly passing his skills onto the team.



MLA helped to build and augment our European Enterprise Sales business to help us to accelerate our growth. Working for our head of EMEA, the team worked with us to establish new revenue and reinforce a sustainable sales methodology as new sales resources joined the team. 

Key value of the MLA team is that not only did they bring their rolodex, they understand how to manage complex solution led sales. This combination helped to build a pipeline which included ‘in year transactions’. In addition, MLA came ‘channel ready’, and so were able to work with and support our channel partners in their activities in Europe.