Why Invest In AIOps? 

IT is at the heart of all modern organisations and the availability and performance of infrastructure and applications is critical to the viability and success of businesses. IT applications are one of a business’s key competitive differentiators and most important artefacts. 
AIOps technology addresses the following challenges faced by operations teams: 
Fragmented visibility of the overall IT estate 
Multiple, siloed tools performing discrete monitoring and management functions 
Excessive costs 
Inability to leverage insights across multiple data sources 
Complicated and inefficient tool stacks 
Manual processes and undocumented/tribal knowledge within operations teams –90% of knowledge held by 10% of the team 
Difficulty in determining which incident or issue really matters 
Long time to detect and evaluate incidents 
Desire to free up resources to work on higher value tasks that will provide competitive advantage 

4 stages of AIOps journey 

Traditional monitoring just covers the first two. Less than half of CIOs report a complete end-to-end understanding of their critical environments. 

It’s Complex. IT’s Complex. 

Independent services across multi-cloud environments mean seemingly normal scenarios interact in complex and unexpected ways and escalate into complex problems. Reports suggest these can add up to 100x increase in machine and human output from systems. This results in it taking days to identify the golden piece of information that will identify the cause and guide a path to resolution. 
AIOps is not a one-time project, but an ongoing journey that requires continuous improvement and optimisation. We are your trusted and experienced companion on that journey. 
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