What is AIOps Technology? 

AIOps is an industry term for Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT Operations. It encompasses techniques to automate and enhance various aspects of IT operations AIOps software covers a broad range of functionality: 
Automatically discover and map IT estates (VMs, clusters, data stores, hypervisors, cloud instances, security groups, networks, availability zones, etc.) 
Gather health and performance telemetry data 
Enrich data through integrations with other systems and data sources 
Organise and visualise the data 
Correlate alarms and events from multiple sources (across silos, domains and applications) 
Automate actions – run books to remediate, collaborate, integrate and provision infrastructure or services 
Analyse data and identify the root cause of issues 
Process and make sense of unstructured data 
Surface historical knowledge from previous incidents and outages for use in a current scenario 
Integrate with messaging and unified communications systems (ChatOps) 
Increasing complexity is preventing understanding of data and ability to respond quickly, stretching IT Operations teams to breaking point. AIOps technology enables an issue to be routed to the correct teams, faster decisions and resolution and resources (both human and IT) to be optimised. 
AIOps technologies apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to IT Operations problems, in order to amplify the capacity of teams to deal with ever growing demands. 
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